Swept Away 2002

Swept Away

Swept Away

Swept Away Amber Leighton, the wealthy and lavish wife of a millionaire, takes two couples on a cruise between Italy and Greece. Amber develops an instant and intense dislike for Giuseppe the deckhand and insults him mercilessly throughout the trip. She insists on going by dinghy on an lark on the way and ignores Giuseppe’s warnings about an upcoming storm. Swept Away HD

While on their dinghy cruise, Amber berates Giuseppe incessantly, which only intensifies when they run out of gas. Amber creates damage to the dinghy and the boat ends up on an island deserted by their misfortunes.

Thanks to his survival skills, Giuseppe is able to get the upper hand on the island. When the roles change, Giuseppe becomes more dominant over Amber’s actions and Amber gets submissive and fearful. Their relationship grows into intimacy.

In the end, they are taken care of and are able to return to their normal lives. Giuseppe is trying to reach out to Amber to renew their romance, but his messages receive no response. Giuseppe believes Amber has turned her down and is depressed. The truth is that Amber’s rich husband intercepted his letters, which assures Giuseppe and Amber will never meet them once more.

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