Terminator : Dark Fate 2019

Terminator : Dark Fate (2019) ฅนเหล็ก : วิกฤตชะตาโลก

Terminator : Dark Fate

Terminator : Dark Fate Sarah and John Connor, three years after destroying Cyberdyne Systems, were relaxing on the Livingston beach, Guatemala and John was attacked by the T800 Terminator. Skynet returns him to the past, killing John. Sarah tried to stop it.

2020: 2020: The Rev-9 is an advanced Terminator. In order to kill Dani Ramos, he is returned to Mexico City. Grace, a cybernetically-enlisted soldier is assigned as Dani’s defense until 2042.

Grace, Dani and Sarah escape to the hotel. Instead, nuclear weapons were used. The result was the emergence of an nuclear Holocaust that led to AI forming an entire system of machines that could eliminate all human survivors. The survivors organized the Human Resistance to counter Legion’s attacks. Dani’s fate is tied to their fight against Legion.

Grace track Sarah’s messages through Laredo, Texas. In a bid to escape the Rev-9 and the authorities, they cross the Mexico-United States border, they arrive at their entry point and discover the T-800 that had killed John. Having fulfilled its purpose and with Skynet no longer existing it was left in the desert. After a time of learning it became aware. It acquired information from humans, and developed a conscience. It adopted the moniker “Carl” and becoming part of the human family. After seeing Sarah’s suffering and being able to see the shifts in time, Carl decided that he warned her to inform her of plans to change their ways. Carl offers to assist them in the fight against the Rev-9. They are trying to eliminate the Rev-9. Sarah reluctantly agrees to cooperate with them in Dani’s favor. In anticipation of Rev-9’s arrival Carl says goodbye to its families and urges them to leave.

They search for an Army-grade electromagnetic pulse generator (EMP generator) that Sarah’s friend lent them. Rev-9 snatches them up and causes Grace, Sarah and Dani to crash out of their plane into a river close to an hydroelectric plant. Carl and Rev-9 then take them away.

After defeat The group then takes refuge at the facility.

Dani and Sarah take a break to look around as Sarah and Dani watch Grace play on the playground together with their families. Dani tells Sarah to get dressed. Grace is watching as they depart.

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